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Print Braveheart the Military Snowman Note card
Print Free star Military stationery here
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Print Braveheart Military Snowman stationery for free herePrint Braveheart the Military Snowman Note card
Pri Free star Military stationery here
Print God Bless Our Military & Families Note card here
Print Braveheart Military Snowman stationery for free here
Thank You Donnie from 321 Copies in Livermore Falls Maine for allowing us to give these away for free, Giving us your server space to host these.Thanks for Sharing your server space with us! May the spririt of Christmas lastttttttttttttt all year through! As sharing is part of God's Plan for each of us, I am simply trying to share his love with you by using the gifts he has given me..I hope I can inspire you to use your gifts as I know you have some, he gives everyone at least one .. Happy Birthday Jesus! This we can celebrate all year and continue to give gifts to each other by sharing
Thank you all who are serving, who have served and who are families of either. I appreciate your sacrifices! In a time of war I am humbled and grateful for the freedom I have and the blessings I am able to receive because of the BRAVE. I cant imagine the stress that is endured by all who are enlisted. Thank you all for your brave hearts!! This heart loves your heart! and so do all the others that will print and share these in support of each of you!! May God protect and Comfort you while you are away and even when you come home may you have his peace in your hearts to grow spirtually and peaceful. WE LOVE YOU all!! Braveheart is the name of the snowman. I created him actually in 2004 from listening to my customers stories of there sons, husbands daughters getting deployed and how everyone wanted to do something.. somehow to show support. I too wanted to do that. My support comes from the HOly Bible and his words and the holy spirit if I could show that and show support and love , and share it.. and Snowmen are just always soo loved year round, so this little braveheart is to represent all of our military in every branch they are loved and they are supported. thank you for taking the time to read this and please if you print them share them.. show your support . I will be inspired by your stories. Please feel free to use these as fund raisers to raise money for phone cards, for single parents, for any need that is to be met. They are to be blessings to be shared over and over. Many of you in 2005 wrote to us and said you had used them to send letters of support and used them to print and package up with bows and sell and raffle them in gift baskets. I am very grateful for your ideas and love to share more of them . December 17th 2009 at 8.00 am eastern standard time these are uploaded to be shared. We will be posting letters soon of where these have traveled to. so I encourage each of you to take time out to send a few words, share a few words because every little act of kindness means a lot. You dont have to have hundreds of dollars to make a difference in this world you just need a brave heart..

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